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The Best Back to (Virtual) School Snacks

Coconut water and coconut chips are great snacks for people of all ages, kids and adults. Not only are they tasty, they’re healthy too! Coconut chips are among some of the best items you can add into your child’s diet to help them concentrate better and improve their overall health. CocoGoodsCo chips come in multiple flavors like caramel and chocolate, which makes eating healthier more fun for everyone. Savvy parents are infusing coconut water with fresh fruit like pineapple and berries to mix things up, because we all know easily kids get bored. Coconut water is highly effective at rehydration, which is perfect for anyone staying active in sports, or just don’t like the taste of plain water.

Why Coconut?

Coconut has some truly amazing health benefits, but why should you make coconut chips and coconut water such a big part of your child’s lifestyle? Just think of what they were eating at school before. Soda, fries, and potato chips are great in moderation but not every single day. There is nothing more precious than putting your children first, which also means their health and wellness. We owe our kids the best nutrition we can give them. Coconut water and coconut chips are fun, healthy, and flavorful alternatives to pop, fries, and potato chips.

Making Healthier Eating Fun

  1. Make a counting game out of coconut chips for younger children
  2. Use the coconut chips to make shapes
  3. Add coconut chips to yogurt or oatmeal to add texture and crunch
  4. Infuse coconut water with fresh fruits to keep things fun
Regardless of how old you are, there’s a ton of fun ways to incorporate Coconut Chips and Water into your everyday life! Our full line of products can be found on Amazon and Shopify!