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CocoGoodsCo's Solar Powered Factory Targets to Cut Carbon Footprint As Sustainable Growth Commitment


CocoGoods 100% Solar Powered Coconut Factory


Did you know all CocoGoodsCo and LQC coconut products are made with green and renewable energy? Our coconut manufacturing facilities and warehouses are 100% solar-powered, and we have become one of the first coconut factories in the world that run on solar energy. Learn how it started from our commitments and our goal of achieving zero carbon footprint in production and business operations.


Our Commitments

CocoGoodsCo commitments are in what we always say. With CocoGoodsCo, we want It's All Good. The goodness is not only from the product quality and taste uniqueness we bring into every product, but our business operations also provide value to our farmers, workers, partners, communities, and the environment. The ultimate goal is to work and sustainably grow together.

As part of that commitment to doing good for the environment and Mother Nature, we began the project plan for energy conversion from fossil fuel-based energy to a more green and renewable one. Specifically, it's solar energy that utilizes more than 2,500 of the average annual amount of sunshine hours.

Energy Conversion to Solar

CocoGoods 100% Solar Powered Coconut Factory


In 2019, we completed the installation of 10,112 SunPower solar panels that covers 600,000 square foot on the rooftop of Luong Quoi Coconut (LQC) manufacturing facilities and warehouses in Ben Tre, Vietnam. The system's capacity is generating around 5 MWh (megawatt hour). The total investment in the project is more than $3 million US dollars.


Our Goal

Because of the project, our coconut production and warehousing activities currently run on 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly energy. We target to cut up to 2.5 million pounds of greenhouse emissions every month, or over 25 million pounds every year.


About LQC / CocoGoodsCo

Luong Quoi Coconut (LQC) has been an expert manufacturer of single-sourced coconut products since 1997. CocoGoodsCo, an LQC brand, was created in 2016 as a result of the company's expansion plan to the global market. We are a one-stop shop for organic and all-natural coconut products that commits to only one best quality, From Tree to Table. We grow our own coconuts and produce them in our 100% solar-powered factory with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to assure food safety and quality requirements. Our comprehensive logistics capabilities allow us to deliver high-quality, healthy products from the Mekong Delta, Vietnam coconut plantations to end consumers worldwide.


If you have any questions or are interested in doing business with us, please reach out to CocoGoodsCo team via