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How It's Made: CocoGoodsCo Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold-pressed


Video: How Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is Made Inside Our Factory


Video Transcript

Organic coconut plantations in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam are known to grow the highest quality coconut in the world. CocoGoodsCo has developed a branded product line to deliver the highest quality grown and processed organic premium cold-pressed virgin coconut oil to many countries and markets around the world.

The trusted relationship starts with the delivery of the highest quality coconuts from the coconut farm to the factory - these coconuts are large in size and contain thick meat.
The fiber shell is then removed and transported to the production line for coconut water collection. The process continue with cutting, removing of hard shell and brown skin as well as collection of white coconut meat. 
The factory and factory workers must adhere and comply to the highest international standards for hygiene and plant worker cleanliness. 
The white coconut meat is then transferred to the washing area for final cleaning and detailed quality checks.
The coconut meat will be soaked, boiled, ground, and separated the water. The processed coconut will then be transferred to the cold-press systems. In here, the coconut oil will be extracted under pressure with the controlled temperature below ≤ 650C/ < 1490F, and will then be transferred to the receiving storage tanks. The pure virgin coconut oil is then pumped into a vacuum de-humidification system and on to the filtration system for final storage.
The cold-pressed coconut oil process continues the final stage of filtering prior to dispensing into filling machines for packaging into jars which are labeled, master packed, and stored.
The entire process is monitored and checked by the QC department in order to guarantee the highest quality manufactured products. A final inspection is performed by the laboratory team before shipment. 
CocoGoodsCo stands behind all it's products guaranteeing the highest quality.
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