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Why you Should Add Coconut Oil to your Summer Essentials


Have you tried using coconut oil to replenish your skin after a day in the water, the sun or the pool? Coconut oil helps not only rehydrate your skin but its natural ingredients can also help boost your immune system, so it’s a win-win!

After Sun:

If you get too much sun, coconut oil can help with the soreness and inflammation that sunburn can cause. Using it before and after sun exposure will keep skin soft and nutrient-rich. Coconut oil can also help ease the sting of a sunburn and peeling skin.

Hair Repair:

The sun can be harmful to your hair and if you spend any time in salty or chlorinated water, you know it can dry it out and even cause discoloring. Using coconut oil in your hair can help bring it back to its natural shine and luster. Try using it before you go out in the sun and make sure you massage it in to allow it to reach your hair follicles. This can help promote hair health and assist with keeping it moisturized.


Many sunscreens and tanning products use coconut oil. We would always recommend using an approved sunscreen when exposing skin to the sun. However, coconut oil helps keep your skin moist so use it with your approved sunscreen. We have different kinds of coconut oil but would definitely recommend our Premium Coconut Oil for all things hair, skin, and nails! Check out our last blog about the different kinds of coconut oil to see how you could incorporate it into your kitchen life as well!

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