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How Is CocoGoods a Brand Of Sustainability?

How is CocoGoods a brand of sustainability?

CocoGoods is a brand of coconut products built on a commitment to ethical farming and sustainable growth. Here is how we are doing.

Organic coconut plantations

Coconuts in Ben Tre, Vietnam, has a unique and consistent taste and quality nurtured by the Mekong Delta's natural ecosystem. The long-standing, collaborative relationships with local coconut growers help us strictly control the plantations and practice the global standards in harvesting high-quality coconut materials.

Ethical farming and collection

There are no animals or people under 18 involved in any stages of our operations. Also, our local growers only use no-engine farming tools to get coconuts down from trees, collect and transport them with small boats through the watering system.

Sustainable and eco-friendly energy

Our manufacturing facilities and warehouses run 100% on solar energy. We are environment and climate change activists and pioneers to make changes for the goodness of the world. So our consumers rest assured that they use plant-based products that are good for their health and good for Mother Nature.

Recycable Packaging

66% of CocoGoods products' packaging in the entire coconut portfolio is recyclable. Our procurement team has never stopped looking and researching innovative packaging to improve the percentage.

2.5% All Good Promise

2.5% of our profit is reinvested in providing free housing and education for our local growers, employees, their family members, and the community.



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