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Stay Healthy with Coconut During the Holidays

Eating healthy over the holidays can be a challenge for many people with so much delicious festive food being cooked up! Luckily, you can make your holiday meals healthier by replacing a few of your cooking and baking staples with coconut products.

Why Coconut Will Be Your New Best Friend Over the Holidays

The holidays are a dangerous time for those looking to eat healthily. There’s culinary temptation everywhere from Thanksgiving turkey in gravy to Christmas candies. Enter coconut, one of the healthiest ingredients you can use. You can use coconut as a substitute in a wide variety of common holiday meals. When you use coconut you can have your cake and eat it too. You’ll still get those fantastic holiday dishes and won’t have the guilt from scarfing down saturated fats!

Upgrade the Classic Recipes

Traditional wheat flour is called for in countless holiday recipes, from Christmas cookies, turkey gravy, pumpkin bread and everything in between. Compared to wheat flour, coconut flour has superior health benefits. For one thing, coconut flour is gluten-free. It’s also exceptionally low in carbs and packed with protein and dietary fiber. When you decide to whip up your favorite dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, swap out the wheat flour with coconut flour!

Cook Smart, with Coconut Oil

We all know how healthy cooking with vegetable oil can be; but did you know that cooking with coconut oil can make those rich holiday recipes significantly healthier? It can, and it does! Coconut oil is heart-healthy, boosts your good cholesterol, which is HDL cholesterol and helps lose weight by optimizing your metabolism. It also reduces LDL, the bad cholesterol!

Swap Sugary Drinks for Coconut Water

No one wants diabetes, but if you keep chugging down sugary drinks through the holidays, you just might get it anyway. Drink coconut water instead. You’ll benefit from coconut water’s plentiful antioxidants, calcium, fiber, and vitamin C. When planning your meals this holiday season, bring coconut into the mix, your body will thank you for it!