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We Love Giving Back!!! - Brand Vision - A World That Is All Good!!

CocoGoods Co. Loves Giving Back!!!

As a part of the CocoGoods Co. Brand mission and vision we are always dedicated to giving back in every way we can. That is why we partnered with Servants Of Hope Food Bank in central Massachucets, and donated over 4,000 cases of our short-coded inventory to feed the hungry! 👍🥥

Never Letting Our Inventory Go To Waste!!!

Above you will see our warehouse account manager, Michael (far left), with two Servants Of Hope Directors, Carlene and Larry (middle, right) loading up their truck with CocoGoods Co. products that will help combat hunger and homelessness in the central Massachucets area!!


We were so excited and passionate about being able to donate and live up to our Brand Mission: 'To share the goodness of the coconut for the good of the world.'🙏

CocoGoods Co. & Servants Of Hope

According to the Boston Food Bank there are over 1.6 million people in the commonwealth state who do not have enough to eat. Your donations, word of mouth, and time are invaluable as we do our part to help combat hunger. We will continue to do our part and ask all who are able and willing, to join us in our efforts to create a world that is truly ALL GOOD!!! Below you will find Servants Of Hope website where you can learn more about them and contact to donate! 😊


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