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How It's Made: CocoGoodsCo Toasted Coconut Chips


CocoGoodsCo's coconut factory in Ben Tre, Vietnam is specialized in producing coconut products only and is not cross-contaminated with soy, almonds, peanuts, and other tree nuts. As part of the How It's Made original series, we continue to share with you the clean production process of toasted coconut chips inside our manufacturing facility.


Video: How CocoGoodsCo Toasted Coconut Chips are Made


Video Transcript

Organic coconut plantations in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam are known to grow the highest quality coconut in the world. CocoGoodsCo has developed a branded product line to deliver the highest quality grown and processed organic toasted coconut chips to many countries and markets around the world.

The trusted relationship starts with the delivery of the highest quality coconuts from the coconut farm to the factory- these coconuts are large in size and contain thick meat.

The fiber shell is then removed and transported to the production line for coconut water collection. The process continue with cutting, removing of hard shell and brown skin as well as collection of white coconut meat. 

The factory and factory workers must adhere and comply to the highest international standards for hygiene and plant worker cleanliness. 

The white coconut meat is then transferred to the washing area for final cleaning and detailed quality checks.

The coconut meat will be soaked, boiled, and cut into coconut chips grade product. The processed coconut will be moved on the conveyor to classified material stage and then transferred to the baking machine. The coconut chips move inside the toaster at a temperature of 1000C / 2120F. The drying heater comes from a radiated heat exchange system. The water in the product will evaporate and moisture is removed by fans.  When the coconut material moves through the toaster door (cycle time estimated at 50 minutes to 60 minutes), the moisture content of the product reaches less than 3%. The result is an organic crispy coconut chip. 

The dried coconut chips move to a weight machine by conveyor and are packaged with the most advanced snack-based bagging technology. 

The advanced zipper package technology ensures heat and moisture resistance along with maintaining the crispiness of the products, and convenience of opening and closing for product reuse.

Besides Organic Toasted Coconut Chips CocoGoodsCo also have flavor caramel, chocolate, scallions.

CocoGoodsCo stands behind all it's products guaranteeing the highest quality

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