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What's the difference between Refined, Unrefined and Premium Coconut Oil?

Refined, Virgin, and Premium Coconut Oil - Is There Even A Difference? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between all those different types of coconut oil? Do I need to use Unrefined while cooking or refined? Which one is best for your skin? You have probably also noticed that there are physical differences in many coconut oils. Some are thick while others are more liquid. Some may also appear darker in color. The use of unfamiliar words, coupled with these physical variances, can certainly make for a confusing shopping experience, so how does one exactly decipher amongst the sea of coconut oil choices? We can help answer that question!

Refined Coconut Oil

Commonly referred to as RBD, this type of coconut oil is more processed than other types. This means that the crude oil has been colored or bleached, and the scent is removed, ultimately affording this product with a darker color. Moreover, refined coconut oil is a cheaper form of coconut oil available. And get this – it’s a great cooking ingredient for those who enjoy the benefits of coconut oil but do not want the scent or flavor of coconut to permeate their food. View Products Purchase online at Amazon.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is made from the fresh flesh of the coconut. It is not refined, allowing it to retain all of its lovely coconut smell and taste. Likewise, virgin coconut oil preserves all of its nutritious properties. This form of coconut oil can be found in a denser state and is white in color when solid and clear when liquid. It is also great for cooking; however, it’s important to note that using this type of oil will infuse the smell and taste of coconuts into your food! View Products Purchase online at Amazon.

Pure or Premium Coconut Oil

Premium coconut oil may also be referred to as centrifuged. Centrifuged is the most expensive and high-end method to extract the oil directly from coconut milk. With this technology, premium coconut oil can keep pretty much all of the good ingredients of the coconut oil in the final product. It can be used for everything from cooking to skin care, to hair treatments and even added to your pet’s food to help their coats and provide them with other health benefits. Though premium coconut oil is typically more expensive than the other products, it is much better for you in more ways than one and is our top choice. You will reap the benefits of this product while using less. Add pure coconut oil to your food, your morning smoothie, and your evening bathwater to see for yourself! View Products Purchase online at Amazon.

Which is Better?

So, with this information in mind, how do we conclude which product is the best? The good news is each of these forms of coconut oils are good in their own right. They are an ideal, all-natural product that provides healthy alternatives when cooking and several other health benefits and holistic uses. The major difference between these three products is found in their taste. There is also a difference in texture, and one may be more preferable for different uses. But the answer to this question really depends on your goals. If you’re using it to cook with as a healthier substitute, but don’t want the taste of coconut, choose Refined Coconut Oil. If you don’t mind the taste of coconut while cooking with it, go for the Unrefined Coconut Oil. If you’re looking to use the purest form of Coconut Oil for cooking, hair, skin, nails, smoothies and so forth… The Premium Coconut Oil is the way to go! We hope this helps clear up all the confusion. Follow us on social media for more fun tips & tricks when it comes to incorporating coconut oil into your lifestyle!